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Hive3 brings together AI creators and leading brands through sponsored competitions that reward skills and fuel innovation. Our platform provides a community and tools for creators and brands to unleash creativity, evolve skills, and push the boundaries of generative AI.

We plan to host a variety of creative competitions focused on images, videos, music, and more. There will be opportunities for creators to showcase their skills and talents.

Our competitions are designed to push the boundaries of what's possible with AI. They will range from creative competitions centered around generating ad campaigns to music videos and product designs. We will provide a theme and other guiding parameters to spark innovation while keeping some elements open-ended for your interpretation. Our goal is to foster an environment where you are free to experiment and showcase your skills.

Rules vary for each competition and some may have skill level, geographic, or other requirements. Please see our official submission rules for more details.

You have the freedom to use any AI tools you prefer unless otherwise noted in a specific competition.

Absolutely, you can use non-AI tools for post-processing, but please remember to include this information in your workflow documentation. While you're allowed to use non-AI tools, it's important that the primary tool you use for your creation is AI. Make sure that your submission starts with AI.

Unless otherwise indicated in the challenge, AI prompts used to generate assets used in submission cannot contain an artists name (living or deceased); a specific brand name (e.g., Starbucks); or a specific franchise name (e.g., Storm Trooper).

Prizes will vary by competition but may include cash, brand prizes, and more. Our goal is to reward creativity and innovation.

Judging criteria varies by challenge so please check the specific competition for details. Generally, however, submissions are evaluated with this in mind:

  • On-Brand: Does the entry align with the brand's vision and established branding? Are the creative elements consistent with the brand's aesthetic?
  • Target Demo: Does the entry evoke emotions and resonate with the intended audience? Does it effectively convey the lifestyle or preferences of the target demographic?
  • Creativity: Does the entry demonstrate a fresh and original approach or perspective? Does it stand out in terms of creative concept and execution?
  • Promotion: Is the brand or product prominently featured in the entry?

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